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Men’s Crochet Hat Pattern: A Basic

mens crochet hat pattern

Whipped this bad boy up this weekend because I wanted a basic men’s hat pattern. You know, for those projects where you want a neutral base. A few years ago, I made this men’s hat and wanted to create something that was sized a bit larger and without the textured band.

Finished hat will fit an adult male: 21.5 inches wide by 7.75 inches tall.

Men’s Crochet Hat Pattern


  • 120 yards worsted weight yarn. I used Vanna’s Choice in tan
  • Size H (5.0mm) crochet hook

**Important: Check gauge and either use thicker yarn or a larger crochet hook. After Round 2, hat should measure 3 inches in diameter**

Chain 3, join with sl st to form ring.

Round 1: Ch 2 (counts as first DC. Work Ch 2 at the beginning of every round in place of first DC). Work 14 more DC into ring (15 stitches). Join with sl st, do not turn.

Round 2: 2 DC into each stitch around (30 stitches). Measure gauge. Hat should measure 3 inches. Join with sl st, do not turn.

mens crochet hat pattern gauge

Round 3: 1 DC into first stitch. 2 DC into second stitch. Continue pattern of *1 DC, 2 DC* around (45 stitches). Join with sl st, do not turn.

Round 4: 1 DC into each of next 4 stitches. 2 DC into fifth stitch. Continue pattern of *1 DC into next 5 stitches, 2 DC into next stitch* around (54 stitches). Join with sl st, do not turn.

Round 5: 1 DC into each stitch (54 stitches). Join with sl st, do not turn.

Round 6: 1 DC into each of next 7 stitches. 2 DC into next stitch. Continue pattern of *1 DC into next 7 stitches, 2 DC into next stitch* around (63 stitches). Join with sl st, do not turn.

Rounds 7 – 13: 1 DC into each stitch (63 stitches). Join with sl st, do not turn.

Round 14: SC into each stitch. (63 stitches). Join with sl st. Fasten off. Weave in end.

crochet hat patterncrochet hat

crochet hats pattern
crochet hat for men

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Crochet Hat: Free Pattern

crochet hat pattern

It’s December!  Where does the time go?  It’s a cold, quiet Sunday afternoon here in Cleveland.  I’m watching Inception, eating butternut squash bisque, and writing crochet patterns.  Isn’t that what everyone’s doing?

Thanks to everyone who took my survey – over 200 responses and more coming in every day!  The overwhelming majority of you said you wanted more crochet patterns and I aim to please (and shouldn’t be too hard – this is a crochet blog).

I’ve written a pattern for this lovely hat.  It’s chunky, it’s bulky, and I have been wearing it all afternoon.  Since we’ve determined not to turn on our heat until absolutely necessary, the air in the apartment has an edge to it.

This hat is ribbed.  It’s made flat.  You sew up the side and sew up the top and you have yourself a sideways-stitched hat. Most crochet hats are made in the round, from the top down, but this method makes the stitches go in a different direction.  If you can make a rectangle – you can make this hat!

Crochet Hat: Free Pattern (Ribbed)



  • Size L (8.0mm) crochet hook
  • 106 yards super bulky yarn – I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick. This pattern uses every last inch of yarn, so if you’re planning to make a bigger hat, you’ll need a second skein of yarn.

Stitches Used

  • HDC – Half-double crochet
  • Ch – Chain
  • SC – Single Crochet


Note: Pattern is worked in back loops only (BLO).

Leaving 12 inch tail of yarn, Chain 24 + 2 (counts as first HDC)

Row 1: HDC in each stitch across (25 stitches)

Row 2: Chain 2, turn.  Working in BLO, HDC in each stitch across (25 stitches).

Repeat Row 2 until you have 21 Rows.  At this point, you’ll have a rectangle measuring 16.5 inches wide by 13 inches tall.

Do not fasten off yarn.  Fold long sides together.  Single crochet the sides together.  This row will be ridged, just like the rest of the hat.

Do not fast off yarn. Single crochet around the edge of the tube you just made.  This will be the edging of what you’ll fold up to be the brim of your hat.

Now, fasten off yarn.

Using the long tail of yarn you left at the beginning, loosely weave the needle the entire way around the second side of the tube in two inch long stitches.  You’re trying to create a drawstring that will pull the top of the hat closed.  Pull end of yarn so the top of your hat tightens.

Weave in ends.

This hat is easy to crochet – it’s the assembly part that can be a little tricky.  Hope the picture helped.  This is a quick crochet gift that’s perfect for those last minute parties.

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Baby Things: Crochet Hat & Knit Sweater

Two of my coworkers are having little baby boys!  They’re not due til the fall, but I figured I’d get a head start on things.  First up is a little guy’s crochet hat that’s modeled after the bigger men’s free crochet hat pattern I posted a few weeks ago.

Crochet a Hat

I got this yarn from Jo-Ann Fabrics and was planning to use it to knit something.  It’s one of those self-striping yarns, but it is painfully, painfully thin.  After spending 30 minutes trying to make something using double pointed needles, I just wasn’t feeling it.  So I got out my crochet hook and made this hat.

While watching a Netflix documentary.

On a Saturday night.

My life is riveting, I know.

Baby Crochet Hat

Baby Crochet Hat

Size G Crochet Hook

FPDC: Front Post Double Crochet

Pattern has a few small adaptations from the original hat, but I’d be more than happy to write a specific pattern for this baby-sized hat if you’d like.   Let me know.

Next up is a half-made baby sweater, modeled after this knitted baby sweater I made two years ago.  It’s a free pattern on Ravelry called “Baby Sophisticate” and has become my go-to baby sweater (the 3,359 people on Ravelry that have made it agree). It’s a classic.

Knit Baby Cardigan

I realized I never posted WIP (work-in-progress) photos of things I make since I am an impatient crocheter/ knitter and tend to whip things out, but I thought I would share my mid-project progress.  Yesterday, I finished the body and have the sleeves and collar left to complete.  Should be a good project for later this week.

Knit Baby Sweater


Oh, and just to prove that I’m not being completely lazy this weekend, just know that I’m going to Cedar Point today.  And using my SEASON PASS.  So no pity for the sad, Saturday-night crocheter here!

What have you made this weekend?  I’d love to see what you’re working on.  Do you have any good baby patterns?  I’m thinking maybe some booties to go with the hat or even some to match the sweater.  Hmmm… new projects brewing already…



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Crochet Beard Pattern: Free Pattern for Hat

Crochet Beard Hat Pattern

When people find I crochet, it’s a matter of weeks–days sometimes– before they ask if I can make one project: a crochet beard hat. Friends, family, and strangers have e-mailed, texted, even posted pictures on my Facebook wall, requesting this odd item.

Crocheted beards hold some inexplicable intrigue.

That’s why I was delighted to come across Lauren Strasser, a crochet designer who blogs about life at The Production Department.  Lauren has been crocheting since she was 15, but really started cranking things up when she was 19.

Reasons you need to make this project, this weekend:

  1. It’s freezing out there!
  2. The lumberjack look is so hot this season.
  3. St. Paddy’s Day leprechaun costume?
  4. My beard is way comfier than this beard.

I had been wanting to make a beard hat for awhile, but all the patterns I could find online weren’t quite what I was looking for. My wish list included: a big enough mouth space, ear coverage, and full chin coverage.

So I made my own and now you can too.

I loved using the foundation chain (fch) stitch in this pattern. The foundation chain lets the beard be stretchier than using a plain chain would allow. And stretch is key when you’re pulling this hat on like a face mask.

The foundation chain also makes the mustache area just a tiny bit thicker and we don’t want any wimpy mustaches around here. Here’s how to do the foundation chain (dch): Chain 2 Insert hook into 2nd chain from hook.

Yarn over, pull up a loop (2 loops on hook). Yarn over, pull through both loops (1 loop on hook). First fch made.

For remaining fch stitches, insert hook under the strand to the left (if crocheting right handed) of the hook, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over pull through two loops.

What you’ll need for the beard:

  • Red Heart worsted weight yarn (about 50 yards)
  • Size K crochet hook

Ready? Let’s go!

Crochet Beard Pattern

Fch 31

Row 1: Chain 1 (counts as first sc now an throughout), * dc, sc *, repeat * to * 15 more times (31 stitches).

Row 2: Chain 2 (counts as first dc now and throughout), * sc, dc *, repeat * to * 15 more times (31 stitches).

Rows 3-8: Repeat rows 1 and 2.

Row 9: ch 1 (Counts as first sc), *dc, sc* 5 times (11 stitches), fch 9, (up to 20 stitches).  Skip 9 stitches. Work *sc, dc* 5 times, end with another sc. (31 stitches total)

Row 10: Repeat Row 2 (31 stitches).

Fasten off.

Optional step: Hold the beard up to your face, look in the mirror, and laugh until your sides hurt. Now sew the beard to a hat.

11/1/12 Update: After many requests, a pattern for  a smaller beard for kids is included in the comments and posted here below: 

Instructions for Kid’s Sized Beard

Fch 19

Row 1: Chain 1 (counts as first sc now an throughout), * dc, sc *, repeat * to * 9 more times (19 stitches).

Row 2: Chain 2 (counts as first dc now and throughout), * sc, dc *, repeat * to * 9 more times (19 stitches).

Rows 3-8: Repeat rows 1 and 2.

Row 9: ch 1 (Counts as first sc), *dc, sc* 2 times, dc. (11 stitches), fch 7, (up to 20 stitches). Skip 7 stitches. Work *sc, dc* 2 times, dc. End with another sc. (19 stitches total)

Row 10: Repeat Row 2 (19 stitches).

Fasten off.

I used this men’s free crochet hat pattern (from JJCrochet). Here the hat is inside out to show approximate placement I like. The beard goes smack dab in the middle of the hat then the front tilts up an inch or two. Just sew along the edges of the beard, not all the way to the edge of the hat. You’ll see why soon.

One more cool thing about this hat; even with the beard sewn in, it can be worn as a plain hat. just fold the hat in and off you go! (This is why you only sewed along the edge of the beard back there.)

Crochet Beard Hat Pattern
I think it looks like a football helmet when it’s turned inside out… Anyone else?

You are now the proud owner of a beard hat! Gift it away, stay warm outside, and make up a stack for your jealous friends. If you already have too many projects in process and don’t have time for this one, you can head over to my blog and order a custom made crochet beard.

Crochet Hat Beard Pattern


Many thanks to Lauren for creating this fantastic pattern and allowing me to share it.

Currently, my workplace is participating in “Full Beard February” (no joke – it’s a real thing), but being a girl, I was feeling left out.  After Lauren’s pattern – no more! I was so excited for this beard pattern and immediately tested it out to make myself some facial hair.

I can confirm it is the most bizarre, most wonderful thing I have crocheted for myself in a while.  I tried the beard on, checked myself out in the mirror, and laughed myself silly. I guarantee it’ll be an instant hit when you crochet one.

Lauren’s favorite yarn to crochet with is Red Heart worsted weight and her least favorite chore around the house is vacuuming the stairs.  The best part about her day is her lunch time where she spends her a few precious minutes crocheting or reading.  During the week, she teaches 25+ preschoolers at her church and couldn’t be happier.  To learn more about Lauren’s crochet work, visit her at The Production Department.

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Name This Crochet Hat Pattern – Get it for FREE

I spent the better part of today (read: 5 hours) writing a pattern for the ultimate crochet beanie and testing it in each size.  If you’re a crochet designer you can relate.

You try something, it doesn’t work.

You rip it out and try again.

And again.

And one more time until you’ve gotten it perfect.

That’s what I finally have in this pattern: PERFECTION.  I’ve written 2-3 drafts of this type of hat, but it never turned out quite right.  The hats were fine, they just weren’t exactly what I wanted.

Enter in this baby, the *insert cool name here*.  It’s a basic beanie pattern in 4 different sizes – baby, child, women’s, and men’s.  You use a size H crochet hook (basic) and any worsted weight yarn (basic).  I wanted to create a (basic) pattern that would be a crochet’s “go-to” hat pattern.

So here it is:

What would you name this hat pattern?

Now here comes the fun part:  I’ll be releasing the pattern on 11/1.  Remember “insert cool name here”?  That’s where I need your help!

Submit your name for this pattern on JJCrochet’s Facebook page here:  Get the most “likes” for your name and win a FREE copy of the _________ pattern.


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The Jenny Lee – New Crochet Hat Pattern

My mom periodically (no pun intended) gives me pictures of crocheted items from magazines, “Just for inspiration,” she claims.  This time, she was onto something.  That something became the basis for JJCrochet’s newest hat pattern: the Jenny Lee.

Crochet Hat Pattern
Crochet Hat Pattern

The magazine clipping my mom gave me was a Macy’s ad that featured this crocheted hat by Fossil:  Cute, right?  I liked the hat’s textured detail, button, and flower – what’s not to like?

Over Christmas break, I decided to experiment.  I got out the crochet hook and after much squinting at the tiny magazine pic, I came up with the perfect pattern.  And I’m not just saying that because I wrote it.  It’s quite addicting.  The mathematical element works out evenly which causes the hat to fit perfectly.  I especially like this crocheted hat because it doesn’t look like your typical double crochet; the puff stitch adds something a little special, don’t you think?

I named this Jenny Lee crochet hat pattern after one of my current college roommates who is sweet and subtle and everything fashionable, just like this hat.

You can purchase this PDF crochet hat pattern for $5 in my Etsy Store or instantly download it from Ravelry.  As a special intro, I’m giving away two copies of the crochet pattern via random drawing (woo woo!). To enter the Jenny Lee crochet hat pattern giveaway, leave a comment on this post and let me know what you think about this new pattern. On January 24th, I’ll randomly select two winners.  Happy Free Pattern Giveaway!

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Crochet Hat Pattern:: Rachael – Free Pattern Friday

Free crochet hat pattern for women – Rachael’s Chunky Open-Weave Hat with Flower

Use this free crochet hat pattern to create your own crochet hat in a few hours.  Made with SUPER bulky yarn and with only 9 simple rows in the pattern, this hat pattern will have you lookin’ good in no time.

The crochet pattern is named after my good friend (and future roommate!), Rachael. This hat is crocheted in an open weave so it’s suitable for those below zero temperature days, but it’s chic and fashionable nonetheless. Because Rachael is eternally classy and always hot temperature wise, this is her perfect hat.


Gauge: First 2 rows in pattern = 4.5 inches in diameter.  Take time to check gauge.  Adjust needle size if necessary.


Ch 3, join with sl st to form ring.

Round 1: Ch 3 (counts as first dc now and throughout).  11 more dc into ring (12 dc).  Join to top of turning ch with sl st and at the end of each round.  Do not turn.

Round 2: 2 dc in each st around (24 dc).

Rounds 3 – 7: Ch 4 (Counts as 1dc + ch 1), *dc in next st, ch 1*.  Repeat from * to * around. (24 dc and 25, ch-1 sps)

Round 8: In ch-1 spaces and dcs, work 40 sc evenly spaced around.  (Clarification:  At the beginning of this round, you will have more ch-1 spaces and double crochets than 40 stitches.  In order to only work 40 sc in this round, you will have to skip some ch-1 spaces.  It’s okay to break out of your shell and skip stitches… you can do it!)

Round 9: Sc in each st around (40sc).

Fasten off.  Using darning needle, weave in ends.


Ch 3, join with sl st to form ring

Round 1: Ch 3, 9 more dc into ring (10 dc).  Join to top of turning ch with sl st.

Round 2: Chain 4 (counts as 1 sc + 3 ch).  * Skip next st, sc, ch 3 *.  Repeat from * to * around.  (Five, ch-3 spaces)  Sl st in first ch-3 space to join round.

Round 3: Ch 1.  In first ch-3 space, work 4 dc, 1 sc.  In each ch-3 space work *1sc, 4 dc, 1 sc*.  Repeat from * to * around to create 5 petals.  Sl st to first ch to join round.

Fasten off, leaving a 10 inch tail.  Using darning needle, sew flower to left side of hat.

Viola!  You did it!

Crochet Rachael’s Hat with others on Ravelry