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Crochet Beard Pattern: Free Pattern for Hat

Crochet Beard Hat Pattern

When people find I crochet, it’s a matter of weeks–days sometimes– before they ask if I can make one project: a crochet beard hat. Friends, family, and strangers have e-mailed, texted, even posted pictures on my Facebook wall, requesting this odd item.

Crocheted beards hold some inexplicable intrigue.

That’s why I was delighted to come across Lauren Strasser, a crochet designer who blogs about life at The Production Department.  Lauren has been crocheting since she was 15, but really started cranking things up when she was 19.

Reasons you need to make this project, this weekend:

  1. It’s freezing out there!
  2. The lumberjack look is so hot this season.
  3. St. Paddy’s Day leprechaun costume?
  4. My beard is way comfier than this beard.

I had been wanting to make a beard hat for awhile, but all the patterns I could find online weren’t quite what I was looking for. My wish list included: a big enough mouth space, ear coverage, and full chin coverage.

So I made my own and now you can too.

I loved using the foundation chain (fch) stitch in this pattern. The foundation chain lets the beard be stretchier than using a plain chain would allow. And stretch is key when you’re pulling this hat on like a face mask.

The foundation chain also makes the mustache area just a tiny bit thicker and we don’t want any wimpy mustaches around here. Here’s how to do the foundation chain (dch): Chain 2 Insert hook into 2nd chain from hook.

Yarn over, pull up a loop (2 loops on hook). Yarn over, pull through both loops (1 loop on hook). First fch made.

For remaining fch stitches, insert hook under the strand to the left (if crocheting right handed) of the hook, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over pull through two loops.

What you’ll need for the beard:

  • Red Heart worsted weight yarn (about 50 yards)
  • Size K crochet hook

Ready? Let’s go!

Crochet Beard Pattern

Fch 31

Row 1: Chain 1 (counts as first sc now an throughout), * dc, sc *, repeat * to * 15 more times (31 stitches).

Row 2: Chain 2 (counts as first dc now and throughout), * sc, dc *, repeat * to * 15 more times (31 stitches).

Rows 3-8: Repeat rows 1 and 2.

Row 9: ch 1 (Counts as first sc), *dc, sc* 5 times (11 stitches), fch 9, (up to 20 stitches).  Skip 9 stitches. Work *sc, dc* 5 times, end with another sc. (31 stitches total)

Row 10: Repeat Row 2 (31 stitches).

Fasten off.

Optional step: Hold the beard up to your face, look in the mirror, and laugh until your sides hurt. Now sew the beard to a hat.

11/1/12 Update: After many requests, a pattern for  a smaller beard for kids is included in the comments and posted here below: 

Instructions for Kid’s Sized Beard

Fch 19

Row 1: Chain 1 (counts as first sc now an throughout), * dc, sc *, repeat * to * 9 more times (19 stitches).

Row 2: Chain 2 (counts as first dc now and throughout), * sc, dc *, repeat * to * 9 more times (19 stitches).

Rows 3-8: Repeat rows 1 and 2.

Row 9: ch 1 (Counts as first sc), *dc, sc* 2 times, dc. (11 stitches), fch 7, (up to 20 stitches). Skip 7 stitches. Work *sc, dc* 2 times, dc. End with another sc. (19 stitches total)

Row 10: Repeat Row 2 (19 stitches).

Fasten off.

I used this men’s free crochet hat pattern (from JJCrochet). Here the hat is inside out to show approximate placement I like. The beard goes smack dab in the middle of the hat then the front tilts up an inch or two. Just sew along the edges of the beard, not all the way to the edge of the hat. You’ll see why soon.

One more cool thing about this hat; even with the beard sewn in, it can be worn as a plain hat. just fold the hat in and off you go! (This is why you only sewed along the edge of the beard back there.)

Crochet Beard Hat Pattern
I think it looks like a football helmet when it’s turned inside out… Anyone else?

You are now the proud owner of a beard hat! Gift it away, stay warm outside, and make up a stack for your jealous friends. If you already have too many projects in process and don’t have time for this one, you can head over to my blog and order a custom made crochet beard.

Crochet Hat Beard Pattern


Many thanks to Lauren for creating this fantastic pattern and allowing me to share it.

Currently, my workplace is participating in “Full Beard February” (no joke – it’s a real thing), but being a girl, I was feeling left out.  After Lauren’s pattern – no more! I was so excited for this beard pattern and immediately tested it out to make myself some facial hair.

I can confirm it is the most bizarre, most wonderful thing I have crocheted for myself in a while.  I tried the beard on, checked myself out in the mirror, and laughed myself silly. I guarantee it’ll be an instant hit when you crochet one.

Lauren’s favorite yarn to crochet with is Red Heart worsted weight and her least favorite chore around the house is vacuuming the stairs.  The best part about her day is her lunch time where she spends her a few precious minutes crocheting or reading.  During the week, she teaches 25+ preschoolers at her church and couldn’t be happier.  To learn more about Lauren’s crochet work, visit her at The Production Department.


  • DaCraftyLady

    February 24, 2012

    That is so cool…looks great on the hat…thanks for sharing.

  • Lauren

    February 24, 2012

    Thanks! Leave a picture when you make your own!

  • Sherri

    March 3, 2012

    Hi there,
    Love this pattern, but am I missing something? The opening in the mouth area for the mustache? I am part way through the pattern now. Thanks so much!

  • JJCrochet

    March 3, 2012

    Hi Sherri, You make the mouth opening/ mustache part in Row 9 when you work 9 foundation chain stitches (or regular chain stitches if the fch is too difficult). You skip 9 stitches from the previous round which will give you a nice opening, then work 11 stitches on the other end. This should give you a nice wide space for your mouth. Let me know if that makes sense!

  • Carrie

    April 5, 2012

    I love this pattern, thank you so much. My son has wanted one of these since I showed him a picture six months ago, I just haven’t taken the time to try to make a pattern for myself. One suggestion though. I would simply stitch a button on the inside of the hat on each side where the beard should connect. That way the beard would be removable. Just a suggestion, hope you continue to share, I love it!

  • JJCrochet

    April 7, 2012

    The button to attach the beard would be a great idea, Carrie – Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Lauren

    April 9, 2012

    That would be great Carrie! Velcro might be good too.

  • el scrono

    April 18, 2012

    I plan on learning to crochet just so I can make this. But I’d like to make a long one that can tuck into my shirt & keep my neck warm. Luckily for me my mom is quite a crochet fiend. I’ll post a pic of the final product. EEEEP. So excited.

  • JJCrochet

    April 18, 2012

    Sounds like a great idea! I’d love to see the finished project… Have fun!

  • Yarnbazaar

    May 2, 2012

    what a hat, nice …

  • Nicole

    May 29, 2012

    I have made a different style of these…they are so cute! I love them on little kids especially! Wondering if anyone knows dimensions for a 12 month old beard? I am making one as a surprise gift and haven’t made it this small yet. Thanks!

  • Robin Hernandez

    July 6, 2012

    Love this!!! So easy too!!!

  • Heather

    July 8, 2012

    Thank you for sharing this pattern. My husband has been begging for one of these!

  • Rae

    July 22, 2012

    In Row 1, at the very first dc, am I dcing into the second ch or third from hook after adding one ch that counts as first sc? Did that make sense? Lol

  • justme2

    August 1, 2012

    A friend of mine just posted a picture on our hockey forum — I’m going to make a bunch of these in our team’s colors for next year’s Stanley Cup playoffs! Might also make one in orange with a black beard for San Francisco Giants games, especially if Brian “The Beard” Wilson comes back from injury!

  • JJCrochet

    August 3, 2012

    Such a good idea to make beards for your hockey team – I’m sure they’d love it! If you can’t grow a playoff beard, you might as well crochet one. I’d love to see pics if you make them!

  • heather

    August 8, 2012

    Just wanted to send you this, in case anyone had problems with the fsc.

    This is a very in-depth photo tutorial from futuregirl craft blog, and I found it to be a breeze to follow.

  • Rarity

    August 8, 2012

    I have the same question as Rae.I have chained one for row 1 but doing the *dc, sc* 15 times after that only brings me to 30 stitches in the row.

  • JJCrochet

    August 12, 2012

    Hi Rarity, I think the combo of the fch 30 and the chain 1 of Row 1 will bring you final stitch count to 31 for Row 1. You’re working 30 actual stitches, but if you count the first “ch 1” in Row 1 as a sc, you’ll actually end up with 31 stitches. Does that make sense?

  • becca

    September 15, 2012

    Made them for my boys they LOVE them! Dad has full beard and them always try to make beards when playing. Now they have them anytime they want 🙂 thank you for sharing

  • Dezie

    September 28, 2012

    I was really hoping to have one of these made for my daugter who will be a year old soon. it is going to be part of her halloween costume which we would like to keep a suprise. is there any way you could send me the pattern for a 1 year old? i would greatly appreciate it. thanks.

  • cindy

    October 3, 2012

    Is there a pattern for kids for this? something for about a 4 year old.. Thanks..

  • Lisa

    October 23, 2012

    This is awesome! Thank you

  • Debbie

    October 23, 2012

    Still do not understand row 9?? Trying to make mouth opening. Did it three times but still connecting it closed. Suggestions?

  • raina

    October 24, 2012

    what is fch? i know dc is double crochet and sc is single crochet but i never heard of an fch….is that like just a regular beginning chain or is it something new and special?

  • Renee

    October 25, 2012

    Just made my husband a Hagrid (Harry Potter) beard for Halloween. Took about an hour. Thank you so much!!!

  • RebeccaM

    October 26, 2012

    Thank you so much for this! My cousin just started chemo and he’s been bemoaning the loss of his beard.

  • JJCrochet

    October 28, 2012

    Hi Raina – Since I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to make a FCH, I went ahead and made a demonstration video showing how to make the stitch. The video is here: Hope that help!

    And Rebecca – Thank you for sharing! What a great idea and use for the hat. I’m sure bearded crochet hats would be the perfect thing to donate to hospitals and cancer centers. I’m glad you’re finding the pattern useful.

  • Teresa

    October 30, 2012

    I see several people have asked about a pattern for a child’s size. Am I missing the replies? Or is there no pattern?

  • raina

    October 30, 2012

    Thank you for posting that video. I have started the beard but I’m kind of scared it won’t be big enough for the guy I’m making it for he’s kind of a giant and I don’t know what to do about it any suggestions?

  • JJCrochet

    November 2, 2012

    Since there have been a lot of requests, I’ve written out a pattern for a children’s beard. Since each child’s face will be different, be sure to test the beard as you make it to ensure it’s the right side. Grab those hooks and make your little man some facial hair!

    Instructions for Kid’s Sized Beard:
    Fch 19

    Row 1: Chain 1 (counts as first sc now an throughout), * dc, sc *, repeat * to * 9 more times (19 stitches).

    Row 2: Chain 2 (counts as first dc now and throughout), * sc, dc *, repeat * to * 9 more times (19 stitches).

    Rows 3-8: Repeat rows 1 and 2.

    Row 9: ch 1 (Counts as first sc), *dc, sc* 2 times, dc. (11 stitches), fch 7, (up to 20 stitches). Skip 7 stitches. Work *sc, dc* 2 times, dc. End with another sc. (19 stitches total)

    Row 10: Repeat Row 2 (19 stitches).

    Fasten off.

  • Diana

    November 13, 2012

    I understand sc (single crochet)….dc (double crochet)…
    what is fch???

  • Taylor

    November 13, 2012

    I tried to make a beard but have no idea how I did it(pattern wise). But when I did it, I hade chain loops to hook them on my ears.

  • JJCrochet

    November 15, 2012

    Hi Diani,

    Thanks for your comment! The “fch” is a foundation chain. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to make that stitch so I created a how-to video showing how to make the stitch. The video is here: and here:

    Hope that help!

  • Jenny

    November 15, 2012

    This was an easy pattern to follow, thank you so much!!!

  • Heather

    November 17, 2012

    I was wondering how you connect the beard to the hat and if there was a video out there to demonstrate this. I have tried several times and each time it looks worse than before. If you can help me I appreciate it.

  • Bren

    November 27, 2012

    I have just started crocheting a few weeks ago and I have made several of the beards using your pattern. It is very well explained and super easy thank you so much. Now I am gonna try santa hats with beards!

  • JJCrochet

    November 28, 2012

    Glad you found it useful, Bren! I’m sure the Santa hats will look great.

  • Hannah

    November 30, 2012

    Hi, my partner seen one of these hats a few years back when i was having one of my knitting phases but i couldnt for the life of me find a pattern for it, iv recently started crocheting and im loving it! So glad iv found this pattern so i can make him one for christmas 🙂 he will love it! Thanks for sharing xxx

  • raina

    December 4, 2012

    I have the same question as Heather I finished the hat and the beard but I have no clue how to attach it please help

  • Jessica

    December 6, 2012

    Can this be sold as a finished product if credit is given to you for the pattern?

  • Alicia

    December 7, 2012

    Love, love it! Making my first attempt tomorrow for my 4 yr old n hubby! Thanks!

  • JJCrochet

    December 7, 2012

    Absolutely, Jessica! You may sell any finished products you make from my patterns, as long as you reference where the instructions are from. You do all the work, I just provide the inspiration! Thanks for checking… good luck!

  • Becca

    December 11, 2012

    Do you use the same size hook for a child size as what you used for the adult pattern?

  • Floridafreckles

    December 17, 2012

    Thank you so much for this jewel of a pattern. Everyone, male and female young and old will eventually have a beard hat.

  • Floridafreckles

    December 17, 2012

    It is surprisingly warm with beard on and so easy to Change into a regular hat. Congrats!!!

  • MJ Garfield

    December 27, 2012

    I made 6 beard hats for my nephews and my daughter for Christmas. We had the most hilarious time. My 25 year old nephew said it was the ‘best present ever’. Thanks so much!

  • Meghan

    January 12, 2013

    So first of all I loveeeee this, I followed the first pattern at the top for my 5 year old and it kinda fits perfectly. is it supposed to fit snug? I am making one for my cousin, he lives out of state and I am going strictly on measurements, didnt know maybe if I messed something up. My 5 year old son is a teeny little guy and I just didnt know if it was an error on my end. Thank you so much for this pattern, I searched and searched for the perfect one, and yours was the one that finally worked.

  • Keeley Oaks

    January 13, 2013

    I obviously am not reading this pattern right lol When i do the foundation chain i keep making a circle. I don’t get what you mean by “For remaining fch stitchs, insert hook under the strand to the left” I keep doing the same thing but it makes a circle! Is that what I’m suppose to be making??

  • Keeley Oaks

    January 13, 2013

    Ahh never mind i just saw your comment up there with your video! Oh and I love your hair brown instead of blonde!

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