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Crochet Instructional Videos – FCH and HHDC

I thought I’d make some crochet video tutorials today, because – well, why not. Hopefully, my free crochet patterns have introduced you to two new stitches: the foundation chain (FCH) and herringbone half double crochet (HHDC).

These two stitches are the secret jewels of the crochet world.

You might think you know it all with your double crochets and slip stitches, but I urge you to at least give these two stitches a chance.  It’s rare to find a pattern that calls for a FCH, but once you’ve learned how to do it, you’ll be surprised that you’ll start swapping out a normal chain in favor of a FCH. Being able to adapt crochet patterns to make them better is the sign of an advanced, innovative crocheter.  Welcome.

The FCH can replace beginning chains in a project.  It’s best used when you need a “stretchy” edge, such as the beginning row of a scarf.  The HHDC, on the other hand, is the love child  if a double crochet and half double crochet got a little cuddly one night.  I use this when stitch when I want some nice texture and tighter stitches than I’d get when working in double crochets.

If you’ve made it this far in the post, you are probably a crochet lover/nerd so congrats!  Watch these two short videos and then try your hand at the FCH and HHDC.  Here’s a great pattern that uses both of these two stitches in case you’d like to start working on something fun and quick: Crochet Cowl with Infinity Loop.  I promise you’ll love it.

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