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JJCrochet’s 6 Year Etsy Anniversary – Get a Free Crochet Pattern. Dec 30th Only!

In one hour, it will be December 30th.  To some, December 30th is an insignificant day between the bustle of Christmas and the excitement of New Years.  But true, die-hard JJCrochet fans have marked that day on their calendars because they know that December 30th, 2011 marks JJCrochet’s 6th Anniversary on Etsy. Woo-hoo!

Since last year, JJCrochet has sold 181 crochet patterns, crochet cowls, and crochet hats for a grand total of 816 sold items over the past 6 years.  I’ve been so blessed. Thank you to every one of my customers.  I’ve loved interacting with you, sharing little pieces of my crochet, and seeing your finished products.

To celebrate JJCrochet’s 6 year Etsy anniversary – you guessed it – I’m having another giveaway!

Crochet Hat Pattern - Jenny Lee

I was debating what would be better than giving away a free crochet pattern when I decided nothing would be better than that.  Everyone loves free crochet patterns!

For JJCrochet’s anniversary, I’m giving away free copies of the Jenny Lee Hat (pictured above).  It’s become one of my top selling patterns.

This free crochet pattern giveaway is good only on 12/30/11 so make sure you enter today.  (To those who will post in the comments months after today, I’m sorry, but this is a one day, celebratory deal, so catch it while you can!)

To receive your free pattern, all you have to do is share.  Here are the details:

  • Share the JJCrochet love on a social networking site of your choice!
  • Sharing includes: tweeting about your favorite project, sharing your favorite JJCrochet pattern on Facebook, or posting a link to one of JJCrochet’s crochet video tutorials.
  • There are easy “share” buttons at the end of every post so it’s easy-peasy to enter.  You can find JJCrochet on:
                   -Facebook ( – Click the “share button” on the most recent post.
                  – Twitter (@jaynagrassel)
                  – Youtube (
                  – Even Flickr (
  • Make sure to “tag” JJCrochet in your post/status/update/link so I know to enter you into the contest!
  • If you’re unsure of how to enter, contact Jayna and I’ll help you out. 🙂

Everyone who enters will get a free Jenny Lee crochet pattern e-mailed to them (so be sure to send me your e-mail). Once you’ve shared the love, fill out the form below so I know where to send your free pattern.

JJCrochet's 6 Year Anniversary Giveaway Entry Form

After you've "shared the JJCrochet love", fill out this form to receive your free copy of the Jenny Lee Hat pattern!

  • So I can send you your free pattern!
  • Post the link where you shared the JJCrochet love!

Happy 6 Years, Everyone!  Here’s to another six.

– Jayna



Five Year Etsy Anniversary – Free Pattern Giveaway

Ah I almost missed it – the 5th Anniversary of my Etsy shop!

I was reading someone’s blog post about an Etsy-versary when I remembered mine was sometime towards the end of December.  I looked and ah – it was today!  It IS today! How could I have almost let this day pass uncelebrated?!
JJCrochet first opened shop on December 30, 2005 and has sold 635 crochet patterns, knit hats, chunky cowls, thick scarves, and summer headbands.  Wow.  I couldn’t have done it without you, my wonderful customers. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  You’ve made these past 5 years wonderful.

To honor my Etsy-versary, I’m giving away FREE copies of my most popular crochet pattern: The most versatile crochet newsboy hat pattern! To get your free copy of the pattern that’s been purchased over 500 times, simply leave your name and e-mail in a comment and I’ll shoot you over the PDF.  Since there are only 4 hours left of December 30, 2010 here in Pennsylvania, I’m extending this free giveaway until midnight on December 31, 2010, EST.

Here’s a picture of the crochet newsboy hat pattern that will soon be yours!

Thank you for celebrating with me and thank you Etsy – here’s to another great 5 years!  Leave a comment to receive your free pattern.

Update: Thanks to all who commented – enjoy your free patterns!  

The giveaway is now closed.