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Crochet Star Garland for Christmas

After eating Thanksgiving left-overs for dinner, it’s time to decorate my apartment for Christmas! Carols are playing, crochet hooks are out, my balsam candle is lit and a glass of merlot is poured.

I found this great star pattern from Persia Lou and knew it’d be the perfect accompaniment to the minimalistic Christmas decorations on my bar cart. The stars were festive, they were crocheted, they were PERFECT.

crochet garland bar cart

I followed Alexis’ instructions exactly, minus the blocking since there’s no time for that when you’re too excited. If you look closely, you’ll spot my crochet hook on the bar cart – I told you there was no time for formalities – I wanted to see how this looked hung up!

Because I skipped the blocking, the stars do look more like flowers with rounded instead of pointy petals so I might make some DIY blocking liquid (equal parts glue + water), but TBD on that.

I made 5 stars using cream Vanna’s choice worsted weight yarn and joined them together with a chain of burlap string I had left over from another craft project. For the burlap cord, I used a K hook (same as for the stars) and did 13 chains between each star, joining as I went.


  • 30 yards Vanna’s Choice yarn
  • Size K crochet hook
  • 5 yards Burlap cord – I used some from Ms. Sparkle & Co.

crochet star garland

I love how it turned out. So festive! So fun! If you’re looking for a quick, easy crochet project to make your house look festive this Christmas, I highly recommend this pattern by Alexis at Persia Lou.

I could see the crochet stars being great as tree ornaments, light switch hangers or laid down on a counter top – really anywhere you need some extra cheer!

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Crochet Flower/ Star Pattern

It’s 1:30am Wednesday morning so naturally, I grab my trusty J crochet hook and a skein of yarn, fully intending to crochet a flower.  The funny thing with free-form crochet, though, is you can start out with one idea and end with a completely different project.  Ever been there?

Crochet Flower for Beginner

Instead of crocheting a flower, when I was finished, I looked down and saw I’d crocheted a sharp-looking flower or a 6-point star.  I don’t know if the mustard-yellow yarn was sending my brain a subconscious message or if this is what I get for crocheting past midnight, but whatever the cause, I present to you this non-flowery, very pointy, crocheted star.

Pictures, free instructions, and full crochet pattern follow.  I’ve never created a picture tutorial, but figured I’d try it out.  Let me know if it was helpful – Enjoy!

Step-by-step beginner crochet instructions for a free crocheted flower.

Crochet Flower or Star Pattern

Materials: Any size crochet hook (I used a size J) and worsted weight yarn.

Size: My crocheted flower/ throwing star measures 5 inches across, point to point.

Step 1: Chain 4.

Crochet Flower Pattern

Step 2: Join with slip stitch to form ring.

Crochet Flower Pattern

Step 3: Chain 2 (counts as first half-double crochet).

Crochet Flower Pattern

Step 4: 11 more half-double crochet into center of ring.  (12 HDC total)  Join with slip stitch to top of chain 2.

Crochet Flower Pattern

Crochet Flower Pattern

Step 5: Chain 5 (counts as 1 single crochet + chain 4).  *Skip 1 stitch.  Single crochet in next stitch.  Chain 4.*  Repeat around to create 6 petals.  Join by working a single crochet inside the first petal.

Crochet Flower Pattern

Crochet Flower Pattern

Crochet Flower Pattern

Crochet Flower Pattern

Step 6: Slip stitch counts as first single crochet.  1 half-double crochet, 2 double crochet, chain 4, 2 double crochet, 1 half-double crochet, 1 single crochet.  *Skip single crochet and into next chain-4 petal work: 1 single crochet, 1 half-double crochet, 2 double crochet, chain 4, 2 double crochet, 1 half-double crochet, 1 single crochet.*  Join by working a slip stitch into first stitch.

Crochet Flower Pattern

Crochet Flower Pattern

Crochet Flower Pattern

Step 7: You’re finished!  Cut yarn, fasten off, and enjoy your new “flar” (crocheted flower-star).