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Name This Crochet Hat Pattern – Get it for FREE

I spent the better part of today (read: 5 hours) writing a pattern for the ultimate crochet beanie and testing it in each size.  If you’re a crochet designer you can relate.

You try something, it doesn’t work.

You rip it out and try again.

And again.

And one more time until you’ve gotten it perfect.

That’s what I finally have in this pattern: PERFECTION.  I’ve written 2-3 drafts of this type of hat, but it never turned out quite right.  The hats were fine, they just weren’t exactly what I wanted.

Enter in this baby, the *insert cool name here*.  It’s a basic beanie pattern in 4 different sizes – baby, child, women’s, and men’s.  You use a size H crochet hook (basic) and any worsted weight yarn (basic).  I wanted to create a (basic) pattern that would be a crochet’s “go-to” hat pattern.

So here it is:

What would you name this hat pattern?

Now here comes the fun part:  I’ll be releasing the pattern on 11/1.  Remember “insert cool name here”?  That’s where I need your help!

Submit your name for this pattern on JJCrochet’s Facebook page here:  Get the most “likes” for your name and win a FREE copy of the _________ pattern.