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Waldo, Meet JJCrochet

I work for a company that encourages creativity inside and outside the office.  Case in point: our annual golf outing.  Profusely declining since I have never played golf before in my life (mini and par 3, yes – real golf, NO), I somehow wound up taking a half day off work to spend time on the greens with my coworkers.

But this wasn’t your typical golf outing.

Before we got on the course, planning had to be done, yet none of it was actually focused around golf.  Each foursome developed a “theme” accompanied by crazy outfits.  Some were a 90’s boy band, others Gillian’s Island, but my team decided to go with the “Where’s Waldo” theme.

We found red and white striped shirts, but where were we going to get red and white winter hats in the middle of August?  Thankfully, one of our foursome owns a crochet hat business (it’s me – that’s me) and was able to help out.  Now if only she had allotted time to make them and didn’t have to wake up at 6am the day of the golf outing to crochet the final 3 hats… Oh well – you do what you gotta do and we looked FAB.

Seeing a group of Waldo’s clustered on the golf course was ridiculous.
Around the 8th hole, we started getting creative and took “action” shots of Waldo…
When we would run into any of our 80 coworkers on the course, we would start taking “true life” Waldo pics. Here, a 90’s boy band (and Justin Timberlake there on the right) were asking, “Where’s Waldo??”
Close up to show the hat (and to completely get rid of any remaining dignity).

The hats themselves were very quick to make – size K crochet hook and Red Heart yarn – and worked up in less than 30 mins each.  Three stripes red, three stripes white, then seven rows of red to make the bottom part of the hat. Some of the hats got a pom-pom, others did not since I ran out of time.  I’m thinking  JJCrochet won’t start selling this hat anytime soon, but based on the reactions we got, who know – might be the next best seller!

Ohhhh what we’ll do for the sake of the game and work-place comradery.

I hope you got a little laugh out of it, and maybe even some inspiration.  Just remember: Crochet can do anything, even be part of outfits for work-related events.


  • Cindy

    August 13, 2012

    Just wondering how in the world you can crochet so fast?? It takes me forever! Do you get faster the more you do it?? If I had to crochet 4 hats, I’d need like 6 months! (I work full time and have 2 kids and a husband, so time is scarce for doing projects, not to mention I don’t really know where to start!) I love your blog, btw. I wish I could crochet as much and as quickly as you do! Have you ever crocheted a toddler dress or skirt? Do you know of any easy, quick patterns? How about curtains? Have you ever seen crocheted curtains? 🙂 What’s the most creative, fun thing you’ve ever crocheted??? 🙂

  • mary

    August 17, 2012

    What a lot of fun.. very creative.. and sounds like a great work environment!

  • Melanie

    July 30, 2013

    Did you use 2 strands?

  • JJCrochet

    August 11, 2013

    No, I crocheted with just one strand, but used a rather large hook so the stitches were a bit loose. Faster that way and less hot in the summer sun!

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