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Nantucket Yarn

Last month, I went on a self-created cross country tour. It began in Pittsburgh, stopped in Indianapolis, then continued onto St. Louis. From there, it spent two days celebrating a wedding in Washington, Missouri. Then back to Pittsburgh and a flight to Boston. Once landed, a drive to the Cape then a ferry to Nantucket, MA.

In Nantucket, we admired houses with their weather gray wood and white trim. We went to the beach. We slept and ate and check out the shops. One in particular caught my attention. It’s called Flock; a yarn store in Nantucket.

Never one to turn down local, hand-spun wool I purchased this beautiful skein:

75 yards of Chunky, 100% Nantucket Wool yarn
75 yards of Chunky, 100% Nantucket Wool yarn

I’m not sure what I’ll make, but I’m leaning towards a chunky Aran hat. Maybe something like this… Any recommendations?



Especially love that this yarn was made from sleep that live on the 14 miles long, 3.5 miles wide island of Nantucket. Happy to support a great cause. For more info about the Nantucket Conservation, you can check out their website.