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The Knotty Knitters

Return of the Knitters

These past days were filled with exciting change and teary goodbyes.  After much thought and many prayers, I took a new job which led me back to old friends and my family. I packed my humble belongings (and bins of yarn) to move from downtown Cleveland to Pittsburgh. Taking a week off between jobs meant I had the chance to see my all-time favorite people: The Knotty Knitters.

Wendy, Jean, Nancy, Gloria, Dolores, Marge, and me

If you’ll remember, I wrote about “my grandmas” before and they were the inspiration for the article that was published in Good Housekeeping last year.   Their spunk for life–“I love going to Mexico”–coupled with an adamant defiance of age–“I was watching the news and they said an elderly lady was stuck in a building. She was 61! If that’s elderly, I’m ancient at 78!”–led to laughs and shared stories around the table.

Tonight, as is common most nights, little knitting and crocheting actually took place, but we passed the minutes talking about ironic K-mart commercials, complaining about expensive bridal showers, and sharing pictures of grand-babies.  Even gone, time continued. It was energizing to be back with these ladies and I was so happy to see them doing well.

Monday, I’ll be fully moved into my apartment and will start my new corporate job. Tonight’s group was a reminder to me that one: there will be a time in life when the highlight of my week is attending knitting group at my local library and two: I hope to have a close group of friends when I’m in my 70’s to “shoot the breeze” with. One day… one day.


A “Knotty” Surprise

After graduation came a full time job and with a job came moving out-of-state.

Moving out-of-state meant leaving the knitting group I’ve loved and enjoyed for the past 2 years and the 11 ladies who have become my “grandmas”.

Oh Knotty Knitters of the Public Library – You will be missed.

Knotty Knitters of the Delmont Public Library

Last Thursday, July 28th, was the last knitting group I’ll have for a while.  I don’t know when I’ll be able to take off in the middle of a work week to drive 3 hours home to knit with my girls.

This past week, just as our knitting was winding down for the evening, I  heard “surprise!”.  Startled, I saw everyone  put down their needles and smile at me.  I looked over my shoulder only to see a beautiful cake and across the table to see 11 smiling faces.

It was the first time I cried about leaving.

My parents came to share in the surprise and it was a lovely few moments spent with dear friends (and delicious cake).

I don’t think I’ll ever find a group as lively as the Knotty Knitters,  even though they’re all over 65.  No one can replace them!  Grannies Wendy, Dolores, Carol, Nancy, Gloria, Helen, Suzan, and Marge – How I miss you already.  Thursdays from 6 – 8pm won’t ever be the same.