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Crocheting a Flower in Less Than 2 Minutes

This is a short video of me crocheting quickly – I make a flower in under 2 minutes.  Before you watch, I will warn you this is completely vain and narcissistic and silly and… odd.  But who doesn’t love hearing about the origins of little Jayna learning to crochet at the age of 8?

There are plenty of details that I left out of the story, though you’ll find them smattered throughout these blog posts.  Details like how the catalyst of JJCrochet was actually a scoliosis diagnosis that involved physical therapy, 1.5 years in a brace, and eventually spinal fusion surgery.  How my dad bought me my first website domain when I was 14.  Or how my mom came home one day with $200 of yarn, “just to get my started”.  How I give my brother and sister free crochet lessons every Christmas.

Here’s me doing a more serious crochet time trial where I come one stitch short of  being the world’s fastest crocheter. I’ve always wanted to compete in a “fastest crocheter” competition, but I can’t seem to find any details about events.  Lisa Gentry and Lily Chin, where are you hiding!?  If anyone knows of any crochet competitions or time trials going on, please let me know.  In return for sharing this info, I will give you a crochet flower.

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Crochet Cowl Pattern with Infinity Loop – Free Pattern

This chunky crochet cowl with an infinity loop is perfect for winter and as an added bonus, it crochets up fast.  It’d be the perfect last minute gift or a sweet winter treat for yourself.  Crochet cowl can be worn loose and long or wrapped around your neck twice to keep the winter breeze out.  If you’re looking for a smaller crochet cowl, check out this other free chunky cowl crochet pattern here: Heath & Heather.


Special Stitches

FCH – Foundation Chain (or single crochet): Chain 2. Insert hook in the first of two chains.  Yarn over, draw through loop (chain stitch just created). Yarn over, pull through two loops on hook. (Single crochet created). You now have two fch completed. *Insert hook in upper loop of stitch just created. Yarn over, draw through loop. Yarn over, pull through two loops on hook.* Three fch completed. Repeat from * to *across for desired number of chain stitches.

HHDC – Herringbone Half Double Crochet. Yarn over, insert hook in next stitch. Yarn over, pull through two loops on hook. (This will be a little awkward, but it’s correct. You might have to use your left thumb and forefinger to really hold the stitches so you can pull through both of them.) Yarn over, pull through two loops on hook.


FCH 77. Do not join.  [If the foundation chain scares you, just do a regular chain – it won’t make that much difference in your cowl!]

Round 1: Chain 2 (counts as first HHDC now and throughout).  HHDC in each stitch across. (77 HHDC)

Round 2: Chain 2, turn.  HHDC in the BACK LOOP ONLY of each stitch across. (77 HHDC)  Working in the back loops only creates a slight ribbed effect.

Repeat Round 2 seven more times.

Fasten off, leaving a 12 inch tail.  Lay piece flat in a long rectangle.  Grabbing either end, bring short sides together.  Add a twist by flipping the right side once.  Match up sides and whip stitch together.  Weave in ends.


To create the infinity loop, Instead of sewing the sides of your cowl together like this:

Right Side           Left Side

A                              A

B                               B

You should sew them together like this:

Right Side           Left Side

A                                B

B                                A

That’s it – your crochet cowl is finished! Show off your new crochet cowl in JJCrochet’s Customer Gallery or post your project on Ravelry.

Crochet Cowl Pattern
Crochet Cowl Pattern

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Crochet Hexagon Blanket – Part I

My blog is a bit drab, don’t you think?  It’s missing pictures of mesmerizing crocheted hats, dazzling yarns, and lavish crochet projects.

I apologize, but offer a remedy: snapshots of my newest project:  a crocheted Hexagon afghan.  This hexagon afghan is a custom order for a wonderful customer that I’ll be tracking through its inception. (speaking of Inception, good movie).

Hexagon Blanket Yarn

Project Deets: Inspired by the Crochet Hexagon Blanket on Attic 24‘s Blog

Yarn: Rowan Handknit Cotton

Hook: Crochet hook size E (3.5mm)

Completed Hexs as of 11-15-2010: 38 of 159

First Few Hexagons of the Crochet Hexagon Blanket

Top Right of Crochet Hexagon Blanket

Progress as of 11-15-10

It’s been incredible watching the afghan grow as I add each crocheted hexagon.  And with Attic 24’s Crochet Hexagon How-To, it’s been a breeze.  I especially appreciate her join-as-you-go technique to connect each hexagon as it’s made.  Would it be helpful if I did a video tutorial of how to crochet one of the hexagons?  Hmm… possibly in the works…


Craft Show Update

November has long been here which means JJCrochet’s craft show season ended last month.  Oh what a time of fun, sleepless nights, mad crocheting, and meeting wonderful people.  Here’s a slight recap of JJCrochet’s craft show chaos 2010.

  • Number of shows: 3
  • Total Crafting Days: 5
  • Furthest Distance Traveled: 4 1/2 hours round trip
  • Total Crochet Hats Sold: 154
  • Times Getting Hit on: 8

To see real-life JJCrochet customer footage check out this VIDEO:

This year’s craft show season also marked JJCrochet’s most profitable day of selling EVER.  JJCrochet sold 1 crocheted hat ever 6 minutes.  Yes, 86 crocheted hats were released into the market at the Clarion Autumn Leaf Festival.  And in case you’re wondering, seeing people walk around wearing your designs is still a rush, even after 6 years of doing craft shows.

Now that CSS (Craft Show Season) is over, it’s time for JJCrochet to start building up next year’s inventory.  Crocheted hats, crochet berets, knit caps, and even a crocheted hexagon blanket are in the works.  [Perhaps even a “How to Crochet a Flower Video Tutorial”…]


JJCrochet Photoshoot, Jan 2010

I’m still home on Christmas break from college (PTL for private schools with 4 week Christmas breaks) and have been crocheting and knitting quite a bit.  I’ve made way too many knit and crochet hats, but when you have a hat-selling business, I guess that’s a good problem to have.  Last week, I convinced my younger sister to model some of my crochet hats and we had so much fun – me playing with my new camera, and her just loving being other the other side of the lens.  It was about 15 degrees here in Pennsylvania when we took these shots and I can still hear my little sister complaining about the cold.

While we did take some great pictures of my crocheted and knit hats…

mustard yellow knit hat, jjcrochet

knit hat - dusty rose

crochet hat with button - black

knit hat - pink and button

crochet hat - pink and green flower

…There were some awkward/ funny/ disturbing pictures that just won’t make the final cut.

She started to get a little crazy towards the end…

Overall, though, I’d say this photoshoot was a success.  And if not, at least I have some great pictures to use as blackmail when she gets older.