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My Idea: Free Crochet Patterns Instantly

Good morning!  I woke up, looked out my window, and saw a white fluffly layer of snow.  I knew it.  I’m not going anywhere today.  That’s when I got an idea.  You might say I’m an old spinster, or even anti-social, but stay with me.

Here’s the deal: I’m sitting here with my crochet hooks, camera, and a pile of yarn.  I’m in the pattern-writing mood.  This means I’m here to help.  If you’ve been scouring the web for a crochet pattern that you can’t seem to find, look no more.

You + Idea + My Brain = Free Crochet Pattern

Today and today only (February 25th) I am your personal-pattern generator.  If you need a crochet pattern for something, I will crochet the item for you and post the free pattern. Does this sound cool or is it just me, still in my post wake-up haze?

Here’re the deals:

  • Leave what you want me to crochet in the comments
  • Pictures are helpful
  • Thorough descriptions are even better
  • In favor of creating a couple free patterns for people, please no large items (nothing bigger than a hat/ scarf – ie. no afghans or sweaters).
  • I’ll crochet the item, write a pattern, then post the free pattern here on my crochet blog
Oh, and I also forgot, but I’d like to give the finished item to the person who requested the pattern.  I’ll mail it out to you later this week.  You get a totally free item, the world gets a free crochet pattern.  It’s a beautiful ideal!

So yep, that’s the deal.

What do you want me to crochet?