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Crocheting a Flower in Less Than 2 Minutes

This is a short video of me crocheting quickly – I make a flower in under 2 minutes.  Before you watch, I will warn you this is completely vain and narcissistic and silly and… odd.  But who doesn’t love hearing about the origins of little Jayna learning to crochet at the age of 8?

There are plenty of details that I left out of the story, though you’ll find them smattered throughout these blog posts.  Details like how the catalyst of JJCrochet was actually a scoliosis diagnosis that involved physical therapy, 1.5 years in a brace, and eventually spinal fusion surgery.  How my dad bought me my first website domain when I was 14.  Or how my mom came home one day with $200 of yarn, “just to get my started”.  How I give my brother and sister free crochet lessons every Christmas.

Here’s me doing a more serious crochet time trial where I come one stitch short of  being the world’s fastest crocheter. I’ve always wanted to compete in a “fastest crocheter” competition, but I can’t seem to find any details about events.  Lisa Gentry and Lily Chin, where are you hiding!?  If anyone knows of any crochet competitions or time trials going on, please let me know.  In return for sharing this info, I will give you a crochet flower.