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25 Hours of Labor and an Afghan is Born

You might remember this post where I challenged myself to crochet an afghan in a day.  What was special about this challenge was three things:

  1. As stated before, I DON’T crochet afghans
  2. This wasn’t one of those quickie 5 hours patterns; this afghan required crochet and sewing together 33 individual motifs
  3. Used a size G crochet hook.  Not the ideal hook size when looking to bang out an afghan in a day

I was up to the challenge and finished this afghan in 25 hours.  Yes, one hour longer than my original goal of completing it in a day.  One measly little hour.  BUT, I will say that I didn’t try all that hard, either.  Sure I crocheted a ton more than I typically do during the day, but I had a leisurely dinner with a friend, got 8 hours of sleep…. so, ya know. I could have finished the afghan in one day if I really *tried*.  At least that’s what I tell myself.

Pros of the project:

  • Finished in almost a day
  • Used up scrap yarn
  • Ignited a new love of working with bright colors
  • Instant Baby Gift

In love with this baby blanket?  This crocheted baby blanket is available for sale in my Etsy store OR make your own  using the free crochet baby blanket pattern found here.