One Spunky Girl

Chunky Crochet Cowl

One of my favorite things as a business owner is receiving an online order from a friend.  It’s like a little surprise.  Normally when an order comes through from my Etsy store, I get an e-mail listing the item purchased and the buyer’s information.  The information is there and I take it in, but seeing your friend’s name in the “buyer” section comes as a slight shock.

If you sell crochet things, I’m sure you can relate. Most orders from friends tend to come in the form of verbal “suggestions”.  You’re more than willing to crochet things, but when your friends say things like “I’d love a black scarf!” over Friday night dinner, you never know how serious they truly are.

That’s why Emily’s order meant so much to me.  She treats JJCrochet like a real business and is thoughtful in her support.  It’s rare to find a friend like that.

I knew Emily in college and, though in different sororities, we never seemed to notice.  As is clear from the pictures, Emily (affectionately known as “Rexy”),  is just bursting with life.  She brights up rooms with her smile and contagious laugh.  She’s a bright ray of sunshine. Emily is one spunky girl.

Crochet Headband

A couple weeks ago, Emily purchased a ruffle crocheted headband and a summery crochet headband.  Because she is a dear friend, I also included a special gift when I packaged up her items – A red cowl that I knew would look great with her dark hair.

Emily surprised ME the other day by sending an e-mail with beautiful pictures.  I told her I had to share them on my crochet blog.  Thank you, Emily, for being a wonderful friend and for all the joy you’ve brought to me and everyone else in your life. Keep living the dream!

Black Crochet Headband

Crochet Cowl

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  • Love To Crochet

    July 31, 2012

    I can say the gift is beautiful….and that each stitch made with love:)

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