Merry Christmas, Crochet Style

Merry Christmas!  I hope today found you surrounded by those you love, decadent food, and general merriment.  For my family, Christmas included visiting both sides of the family, binge eating, opening lots of presents, and the singing of Christmas carols (although if you know us at all, when I say “singing” I actually mean shouting loudly and off-pitch noise making).  We are not musically gifted in the least.  I think we sang 3 different songs to the tune of Hark the Herold…

Our family also has a Christmas tradition that I started oh, about 6 years ago.  Every year, my brother and sister receive from me (their generous and talented sister) a priceless gift so rare and valuable no amount of money could ever buy:


I know you won’t believe this, but they have YET to redeem them.

Maybe this year will be the year (although my brother violently ripped up his coupon and thew it away so I doubt it) they will finally learn to crochet.  It’s my Christmas wish that one day, they’ll learn. Despite their howls of laughter and swearing up and down they would rather poke their eyes out with a crochet hook before they’d learn to crochet, I will give them the same gift next year.

At the end of the evening, my father did attempt to crochet, but I don’t think he’s a natural. You might want to stick to the deer hunting, Pops. 🙂

For one last bit of Christmas cheer, I’ll leave you with a picture of our family tree (yes it’s true and not a joke – this is what we “put up” every year).

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, from our home to yours.

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