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Crochet vs. Knitting Differences

If you’ve found yourself inexplicably drawn to the yarn section of craft stores, you may be looking to learn the differences between crocheting vs. knitting.

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Some crocheters also knit and knitters have been known to crochet. There’s a benefit to being able to do both, though some crafters prefer to just do one. I’ve been crocheting for 18 years and knitting for 14. Over the years, I’ve found benefits for each.

Knitting and crocheting are different, though are the same at their core: You’re creating something from yarn and a needle or hooks by following a pattern. Learning both will allow you to choose which is better for your particular project whether you’re making a dog sweater or a tea cozy.

The table below outlines basic differences I’ve found between knitting and crocheting. You may have found the opposite, this is what I’ve experienced over the years. Review to learn if you’d make a coordinated crocheter or knowledgeable knitter.

Crochet vs. Knitting: A Comparison
ToolsOne Hook & YarnTwo Needles & Yarn
Basic Stitch MotionLoops & KnotsLoops
Active Stitches at Any Time1All
Number of Basic Stitches102
Fabric TextureCoarse & Thick Smooth & Flat
Construction MethodSpacial: Turns or Irregular ShapesLinear:Limited by Loops on Needles
Correcting MistakesEasy: Rip Out StitchesMedium: Unknit without Dropping Stitches
Flexibility in PatternsHigh: Easy to Free-FormMedium: Harder to Free-Form
Average Project TimeMedium: Stitches are Bigger & Projects Work up FasterHigh
Yarn NeededMore: Crocheting Takes 1/3 more Yarn Less
Availability of PatternsMediumHigh
Best Used ForWearable Accessories (Hats or Scarves) & AfghansSweaters & Wearables
Ease of LearningDepends on you!Depends on you!

Leave a comment of what you think. What have you found to be better for your crafting: knitting or crocheting?

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  • Brienna Foster

    June 1, 2015

    I love your web and video it makes crocheting so much easier to understand even though I’m a beginner.

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