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Crochet Headband Pattern – Free

Crochet Lattice Headband Pattern

I received a lovely comment today from “my biggest fan, Stephanie” and was so inspired, I pulled out the hooks and made a crochet pattern.  Not only did I make a new pattern, but I was feeling so motivated, I also created a video showing how to make the headband. Please forgive my post-workday hair.

The pattern in itself is not complicated, but it can be a bit confusing to understand.  Also, I believe I say “interwined” in the video which I am almost 100% positive is not a word in the English language.  Oh well, ha, I can’t be bothered with silly things like pronunciation while I’m crocheting!

This headband creates a really unique looking pattern without any effort.  If you can make a chain, know how to slip stitch, and can count, you can crochet this little guy.  I grabbed a skein of yarn, found my crochet hooks, and 5 minutes later this little guy was born.  Enjoy!

Crochet Headband Pattern

Materials:  Size H (5.0mm) crochet hook and a few yards of worsted weight yarn


Chain 25

Chain 5, work a slip stitch into the top of the 25th chain (first circle made)

Flip your work to make the slip stitch easier to work (optional – watch the video for clarification, I promise it’s not as complicated or advanced as it sounds!)

*Chain 5, slip stitch into previous circle.  Flip work.*

Repeat from * to * around until you have 28 circles.

Chain 25 (creates second headband tie).

Fasten off, weave in ends.

Crochet Lattice Pattern

Crochet Headband Pattern

Let me know if these instructions and video helped and if you could actually crochet the headband yourself.  Sometimes, I forget that even though things make sense to me, it doesn’t do any good unless others can understand them, too.  Let me know if you try your hand at making this headband.

Crochet headband pattern


  • Stephanie

    June 7, 2012

    Thank you for posting this, you are so awesome!!
    Great Pattern! Super easy to follow. 🙂

    Question: I have been trying to be cheap and use the red heart brand of yarn from wal-mart but I find it to sometimes be stiff and sort of stick onto itself, if that makes sense. What type of yarn do you suggest that is still fairly cheap?
    Thank you!
    Stephanie 🙂

  • JJCrochet

    June 7, 2012

    You’re welcome, Stephanie, I”m glad you enjoyed it – thanks for the prompting!

    I definitely know what you mean about using Red Heart yarn. My philosophy is if you’re going to spend time and energy making something, it’s worth a few extra bucks to get nice yarn. My go-to “cheap” yarn is Vanna’s Choice yarn by Lionbrand. Jo-Ann Fabrics carries it and often has it on sale for under $3 a skein. It’s worsted weight so it’s perfect for almost any project, but it doesn’t have that stiff, “crunchy” feeling of Red Heart yarn. Plus, it comes in great colors. If I had to pick one type of yarn, Vanna’s choice would probably be my favorite.

  • laydilyke

    June 14, 2012

    Thank you Jayna for the lovely tutorial. I love all the wonderful things you make. I awarded you the Sunshine Blog Award.

  • Brittany

    June 27, 2012

    I just started crocheting about a week ago and when I first started the video, you were FLYING compared to me! lol.

  • Ashley

    July 30, 2012

    I love this pattern! You make it very easy to follow!! One question though, if I wanted to make it double the width how would I go about that?

  • Giselle

    August 4, 2012

    Thank you so much! Your tutorial was extremely easy to follow. I love the pattern. Thanks again!

  • Steph

    August 12, 2012

    Hello lovely Jayna,

    I stumbled upon your video tutorials today. I hurt my ankle and have been couch bound all week end and have been crocheting and trying new things. Your head band is currently being worn by my 3yo daughter and a couple of flowers are floating around with her. Thanks for keeping me entertained today I really appreciated your company :o) hehe

    xo Steph

  • JJCrochet

    August 12, 2012

    Hi Ashley,
    To make the headband double the width, maybe you could chain 10 instead of chaining 5 for each “loop”? Either that, or maybe work a second row of chain-5 loops? I’m not fully sure and would have to play around with it… Let me know if you find out anything!

  • JJCrochet

    August 12, 2012

    Hi Steph! Thanks for your little note. I’m sorry to hear about your injury, but I bet crocheting is a great way to pass the time. That’s awesome that you made this headband for your daughter, I’m sure she loves it.

    If you feel like snapping a pic, I’d love to see how your headband turned out (and showcase it in my Customer Gallery ). Hope you feel better… keep those hooks going!

  • Candice

    October 25, 2012

    Fastest headband ever! I made two in cotton yarn and they look great as a pair. I dont even feel them and they’ve held my bangs all day. Bravo!

  • Mary Jane Sands

    March 3, 2013

    I am a beginner and I found myself confused reading the instructions, you suggested watching the video and it was so simply and you are right this was simply and cute….. Thank you so much!

  • Toni

    May 6, 2013

    I love this. super easy! I actually made more than 28 loops (I think like 35) to make it so the lattice ended behind my head & had more of the ties to work with!

  • Crissy

    June 23, 2013

    Thanks for the tutorial. Super easy and I made one for myself. Also going to make some for my daughters. Your awesome 🙂

  • Julie

    September 30, 2013

    Just found this, made it within a few minutes and LOVE!! My 4 yr old has not taken it off yet and she wants one in every color…Thanks!

  • Lauren

    February 17, 2014

    Wow! Thank you so much! I had almost given up on crocheting when I saw this on Ravelry! I have been struggling with crocheting for a month now and needed to find a VERY simple pattern to work on for my first project! You have inspired me to make headbands for all my friends! I just moved to Black Mountain NC, and it will be a treat for them to see in the mail!! You have also inspired me to look for more headband patterns!! Thanks!!

  • Katie

    May 8, 2014

    I just whipped this up, and it was super easy! I think I’ll teach it to my beginner crochet friends. Like Ashley, I wanted it to be a bit wider than the pattern indicates. I used 8 chains in each loop, and I liked the spacing very well. I think it isn’t quite twice as big, but 10 chains would probably do the trick. It’s not too gappy, either. One thing I would suggest, though, if you use more chains is that you chain less for the loops on either end. Half the size of the main chain loop is probably perfect.

  • Meme

    May 31, 2014

    Love this simple yet complex looking band. Thank you. Your tutorial was great. M

  • Kay

    February 6, 2015

    I found your site by searching for a girls crochet headband pattern. Thank you for this one. I would like to follow your blog but could not figure out how to. Can you let me know how to follow your blog.

  • Kay

    February 6, 2015

    Just saw the block to check to follow by email……

  • JJCrochet

    February 7, 2015

    Glad you found the link, Kay! Happy you were able to stop by. 🙂

  • Rose Rowton

    January 8, 2023

    I this headband is so easy to make. I made 3 last night watching TV. I have a friend that wears headbands a lot.
    I’m going to make one in every color for her!
    Thank you so much for sharing your pattern.

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