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3 Crochet Blankets – Link to Free Patterns

I’ve been on a blanket kick. Crocheting one for my condo during a long Toronto stay-at-home pandemic, and two for upcoming Grassel babies. My cousin and sister-in-law are due with girls and the blankets became the perfect projects.

Black and White Crochet Bobble Blanket - JJCrochet

I recently came across Daisy Farm Crafts. (And apparently I’m late to the party.) Sharing a few pics with my crochet friends let me know they’d been making Tiffany’s patterns for years. Years!

One browse of her website and you’ll see why.

Colorful, unique, clean, endless options. What’s there not to love?

Crochet blankets

I made three blankets from two patterns.

Pattern Details:

  1. A large black & white bobble afghan (54 x 65 inches)
  2. Two baby blankets-one pink, one gray- of triangles (32 x 36 and 34 x 40 inches)

The black and white afghan I made extra large (54 x 65 inches). I like to think I crochet fast, but even with some speed, I calculated that each “stripe section” – the couple white rows + one black row of each section – took me about an hour to complete.

There are 16 stripes total so probably close to 16-18 hours of solid crocheting. Hey, it was a good activity during the pandemic!

Crochet blank and white blanket

The baby blankets are close in size, but a hook change and different yarn caused the gray one to be slightly bigger. The pink/white one measures 32 x 36, while the gray/white one is 34 x 40 inches.

But how cute are those triangles?

They’re actually worked by carrying the white yarn throughout the rows. Less ends to weave in at the end, but sometimes it felt silly to carry white yarn across 9 gray stitches, just hoping it wouldn’t show through.

The white yarn does peak out every so often, but it’s barely noticeable (and I’m hoping the kids won’t notice).

Have you explored Daisy Farm Crafts’ library of gorgeous blankets? What have you made?

Crochet blankets - free pattern


  • Lowongan Kerja

    April 20, 2021

    I follow every tutorial that you present here, since the birth of our first child the clothes I used for him from the results of learning in your blog

  • Norma Cahill

    June 3, 2022

    I’d love the black and white bobble pattern. I looked at Daisy Farm and can’t find it. Am I missing it?

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