Book Review: The Handmade Marketplace

So after looking for some books with which to fill my summer days, I came across this list (found on Design Sponge) listing some must-read books for “Biz Ladies”.  One particular book caught my eye: The Handmade Marketplace: How to Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally, and On-Line by Kari Chapin.

Because my mom is the director of our local public library, I thought she might be interested in picking up this praised crafty book for the library’s collection.  And of course, in doing so, I could be the first to preview its contents without actually buying it myself.  Shady?  No.  Resourceful?  Yes.  I asked, she took the bait, the book was ordered.  Came in the mail today.

I have only read the first 4 chapters, but I’m already in love.  When other people said this book was chalked full of pertinent information, I didn’t know they meant it would keep me nodding my head every 5 seconds or re-reading sentences because of the useful info.  There are resources about taking better photographs of products, where to find inspiration for your next product, ways to connect with others in the crafty community, marketing lessons, a list of tax writeoffs, tips from crafting pros, and that’s only the first 4 chapters!

I will certainly be finishing this one up in a the next day or so, then it’s off to the library so others can share in its goodness.  What are some of your crafty business must-reads for the summer?

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