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Crochet Newborn Vest for Titus

My friends (not me) are getting old. Old people have babies. Which means “Fun Aunt Jayna” gets the chance to crochet something tiny!

Newborn Vest for Baby

I visited Cleveland last weekend to see a friend who’d had a baby. She was pregnant when I left and a mom for a second time when I returned. Titus Hudson is adorable. Slept a lot, but can’t blame the kid – he’s only 10 days old.

Hanging out in his new vest.
Hanging out in his new vest.

I crocheted the vest the morning before I drove back. Searched for a pattern to replicate, but when I couldn’t find anything, I created my own design. It was a little tight going on Titus and now I see why people don’t make newborn-sized vests. Not to self: make a sweater next time – kids don’t like things shoved on their heads.

Titus in his crochet vest with "Fun Aunt Jayna"
Titus in his crochet vest with “Fun Aunt Jayna”. He loves it already.

Project Stats:

  • The vest ended up being 16.5-17 inches in circumference
  • No pattern, but I should write one down in the future. Made up of FPDC, SC, DC, and HHDC stitches.
  • Stripes were a happy accident. I was running out of blue yarn and started incorporating other colors. I think they make it look vintage. His parents are urban dwellers (hipsters?) so it works.

Just sharing the latest ¬†project I was working on. Have you made newborn clothing? Any go-to patterns? My favorite is the Baby Sophisticate, a knit baby sweater that I’ve made a few times¬†because of its classic design.