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Finals Are Over.  College is over…. Forever.  I graduated this weekend. Here’s proof–The Sibs (Brother Bill and Anna) and Me with my diploma.

But graduation, though exciting, is not the reason for this post.  A wonderful little skirt I created is the reason for writing.  After taking finals, packing up my apartment, graduating, hauling everything home only to unpack it, I needed to seriously de-stress.

So I decided to sew.

Now don’t freak out, but since I’ll be starting a grown-up job in a couple of weeks (hello real world!), I decided to make something work-appropriate.  I wanted something simple to sew yet classic and fresh. After a productive trip to JoAnn’s (where I used my JoAnn Fabric VIP Card for the first time), I found some amazing green and white fabric with a  floral print.  I’m a sucker for anything classic with a young vibe.

I also picked up a vintage belt at the new Goodwill that just went in by my house for $1.00.  See, great things do happen when you’re away at school for 4 years! And here is the end result:


The Belt Loops!

I used New Look Pattern # 6843, Skirt Style C as the pattern. To accommodate the aforementioned vintage belt, I made belt-loops, another first for me.  I think they turned out quite well and complete the skirt. Anyone else out there sew as well as knit or crochet?  Perhaps I should change the name of my business from JJCrochet to JJ…Sew?  You know what they say, “Crafty in one… crafty in many.” Wait, actually, I don’t think they say that – maybe it’s just me!