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Knit Baby Sweater – Baby Sophisticate II

It’s been 3 years since I’ve made the “Baby Sophisticate” knit sweater, a free pattern on Ravelry that has over 5,600 projects. People like this design because it’s easy yet interesting, classic yet works up quickly.


I especially like the button and roll-collar details. You knit using size 8 needles so it’s warm without having painstakingly small stitches (goodbye size 3’s).

My college friend, Blake Imeson, runs a web design business called Lime Cuda, and we keep in touch. He and his wife recently gave birth to a beautiful little boy, Wesley, and I’ve been meaning to make them something. Wesley is just about 5 months old so I sized up for this sweater and made it to fit 6 months – 1 year (pattern is also available in newborn size). Hopefully he’ll be able to get some good use out of it.

Blake, I’m sorry if you’re seeing this post before the sweater’s shipped. Act surprised 🙂


Project Details: 

  • Free Pattern: Baby Sophisticate
  • Knitting Needles: size 8
  • Yarn: 1 skein (about 200 yards) of Red Heart Soft
  • Time: Mmmm… maybe 5-6 hours?


Sweater Yarn

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Knitted Baby Sweater – Rainbow

 knitted baby cardigan

I recently visited a local yarn store that opened by my house. It’s cute. They remodeled a downstairs and sell novelty yarn and pottery.  A few weeks ago, I spotted a store sample hanging by the window: A cotton knitted baby cardigan.

Now I’m not planning on having kids for a few years (have to find me a man first), but who can resist a miniature sized anything? I found the pattern from Plymouth Yarns and upon seeing it was “free with yarn purchase”, I made a yarn purchase.

Free pattern in hand and two skeins of Fantasy Naturale in Rainbow and I was ready to knit.

knitted baby cardigan

Detail of the Lace Raglan Top-Down Sleeve
The pattern worked up fairly quickly and I’m pleased with how it turned out. I followed the pattern exactly except I didn’t make the sleeves as long so it’s a 3/4 length knitted baby cardigan instead. It was a top-down raglan knit so super easy and minimal seams – just what a crocheter/ dabbling-knitter needs!

I especially like the bold color palette. You don’t normally see babies in brights, but I rather like it. What do you think?

knitted baby cardigan


Pattern Name: Fantasy Naturale Top Down Baby Sweater

Yarn: Fantasy Natural (2 hanks)

Needles: Pattern called for size 9, I used US 8 (and even then I thought my gauge was loose)

Size: 6 months

Back of Knitted Baby Sweater

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Knitted Baby Sweater

I’d had my eye on this free knitting pattern on Ravelry: Baby Sophisticate for a while.  I’ve never really had an excuse to make it, though.  I’m a single 21-year old that has zero use for a knitted baby sweater.

Enter my good friend who’s pregnant with her second kid.  (Suz, I’m sorry if you’re reading this, just act surprised when I give this to you the next time I see you.) On Monday, I learned she was having a boy and cast on for this knitted baby sweater Monday night.  Finished it by Tuesday.  Can’t stop looking at it.  For more project details and where you can get this free knitting pattern for this baby sweater, check out my finished project page on Ravelry.

Only downside: My friend isn’t due ’til October so it’s another 5 months until we can try it on her little tyke.