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Chunky Knit Fall Hat – Open Lace Design (Free Pattern)

So I went to our public library this weekend and found they have 300 million knitting and crochet books.  Okay, maybe not 300 million, but close.  Coming from suburbia where I was lucky to find 10 knitting books at my local library (no joke), this was heaven.

I checked out a few books and promptly went to buy more yarn.

I started knitting a chunky sweater, but when that failed, I ripped it out and went back to what I know: knitting hats.

There’s something about knitting on a Sunday afternoon that just feels right.  So homey, so relaxing – a great way to start a new week.  I want to apologize in advance for the lack of good pictures, but, my dear blog reader, I will share with you because I know you will not judge.  Perhaps when I’m home again, I can bribe my sister to model, but I couldn’t wait share with you so here it is:

Slouchy Knit Hat/ Beret for Fall

We’ve been having colder weather here the past week in Ohio and I thought it was only fitting to create a slouchy/ chunky/ knit beret.  I’m not sure if I had seen a hat like this recently or it was only a design that existed in my mind, but I worked a simple lace pattern to create this hat.  I wanted a hat that was open and not really a wear-out-in-the-freezing-cold-hat, but more of a look-at-me-i’m-cute fall hat.

I would also caution that the instructions that follow provide more of a framework for knitting this hat rather than step-by-step instructions.  If you’re an advanced beginner knitter and aren’t afraid to experiment, you’ll be fine.  If you’re a newbie knitter and like to follow instruction verbatim, try it – you might surprise yourself!

Knit Fall Hat Pattern


Size 17  (12.75mm) US knitting needles

1 Skein Bernat Roving (I used the “Bark” color)  or any bulky weight yarn.


CO 32

Rows 1 – 5: Work K2, P2 ribbing. (32 stitches)

This next part requires you to get creative, but you can do it.  Read the directions below so you know what you’ll have to do.

For the next row (Row 6), you want to increase a couple stitches so your hat is a little slouchy.  There’s no rhyme or reason to my increasing, I just worked increased until I went from 32 to 38 stitches.  To make increases, randomly work *K1, YO, K1* (instead of K1, Yo, SKK) every so often in Row 1.  This is you chance to be creative – mix it up and bit and experiment!

Row 6 (RS): *K1, YO, SSK*. Last two stitches – K2.(Remember to randomly increase so you end up with 38 stitches).

Row 7 (WS): *P1, Yo, P2Tog*.  Last two stitches – P2.  (38 stitches)

Repeat Rows 6 and 7 until hat measures 7 inches from beginning, ending with a purl/ WS Row (Row 7).

It’s time to get creative again for the decreases.  Don’t worry – you can do it!

Next Row: K1, *SSK, YO, SSK*

Next Row: P1, *P2Tog, Yo, P2Tog*

Repeat Rows ^ twice more.

Final Decrease Row: *SSK, SSK, YO, SSK, SSK*

Final Decrease Row: *P2Tog, Yo, P2Tog*

Repeat 2 Final Decrease Rows until hat measures 9 inches from beginning and only a few (7-8) stitches remain.

Cut yarn.  Weave through remaining stitches on needle.  Sew up side seam of hat.

And there you have it – your semi-creative knit slouchy hat that’s perfect for winter!

chunky knit open fall hat

chunky knit open fall hat free pattern