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Jo-Ann Fabrics: Coupons, Discounts, & Reward Cards

Jo-Ann Fabrics has their very own coupon page.

Yes, you read correctly.  This new page is regularly updated with printable, online and in-store current Jo-Ann Fabrics coupons and hosted on Jo-Ann Fabric.  I don’t want to take full credit for this, but I’ll take partial credit.  I help manage Jo-Ann’s online advertising (I know – dream come true, right?) and one of my suggestions to their marketing team was to have a dynamic coupon page hosted directly on Jo-Ann’s site.

I’m thrilled to see this new design because, like you, I’ve been there.

I’ll peruse pages on Jo-Ann’s site looking for crafty supplies, load my cart up, but right before I check out, I’ll hit up Google looking for Jo-Ann coupons.  Sometimes I’d find coupons on other sites, sometimes none at all.  But now Jo-Ann has current coupons located on their site.  Yes, please.

To view Jo-Ann Fabric’s Coupon page, visit here: 

Jo-Ann Fabrics Printable Online Coupon

Along with coupons, Jo-Ann’s offers a number of discounts cards and programs.  If you haven’t heard of them before, now is a great time to sign up for one.  Last year, I wrote about Jo-Ann’s VIP card, but I’m happy to tell you Jo-Ann now offers a lot more reward programs (outlined below)

jo-ann-fabric-student-discount-cardYou can receive one of these discounts (ranging from 10% – 15% off your total purchases).  Jo-Ann offers 3 different types of reward programs and chances are, you fall into one of these categories:

  1. Teacher Rewards (15% off every purchase for any teacher – home school, private, or public)
  2. VIP Card (10% off every purchase)
  • A Reseller (work those crafty genes!)
  • Part of a crafting guild or organization (ie. Quilters of America or Your Local Knitting Group)
  • Any Non-Profit
    3. Student Discount  (10% off every purchase. New!  Jo-Ann now offers discounts for high school and college kids!)
With any rewards card, you’ll get either 10%-15% off every purchase – that includes regular AND sale price items.  An extra bonus that is great when stocking up on craft supplies!
Jo-Ann Fabric VIP Non-Profit Discount Card Rewards Program

To read more info about the VIP reseller and non-profit cards, go here:

Jo-Ann Fabrics is all about rewarding their customers, which I appreciate. They’re really tying to improve user experiences and care a lot about customer loyalty.  Hey, they have the best selection around and with great prices and reward programs like their VIP card, they have my business.

Sign up for one of their reward programs and start saving!


JoAnn Fabric’s VIP Card – 10% Off for Crafters and Non-profits

I found some exciting news about JoAnn Fabric’s.  As a small business and crafter, I thought I’d pass along the news.  Everyone’s favorite craft store, JoAnn Fabrics,  is offering a free new VIP card that’ll get you 10% off every purchase.  I spent too much there as it is so I might as well get 10% off every order, can I get an “Amen”?

The details:

  • 10% off every purchase, including sale items
  • Eligible if: a reseller, member of sewing or crafting guild, or a non-profit
  • Must show tax exempt license or proof of 501(c)3 status
  • Sign up at  It’ll take 3-5 weeks for your card to arrive

So simple, right?  If you qualify for JoAnn’s new VIP card, sign up and start saving 10% off your purchases.  You never know, those dimes might add up after a while.  Happy crafting!

UPDATE 9/15: My JoAnn Fabric VIP card arrived in the mail today.  Time for a yarn run.