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FPF: Famous Person Friday

Since it’s Friday, you’re probably expecting Free Pattern Friday.  Sorry to disappoint, but I have something better than a free pattern, I have the creator of all things patterns.  Happy FPF – Famous Person Friday.

When you think knitting patterns – classic, fitted, exquisite stitch detail – who do you think of?  Just one name comes to mind, really: Debbie Bliss.

Debbie Bliss is an international designer from the UK who is famous for her classy knitting patterns, mostly for women.  I had the opportunity to hear her speak at an event sponsored by Wolf Creek Yarns in Grove City, PA.  She spoke about her designs and creative process.  Here are some highlights from her talk:

  • Listen to yarn and let its texture speak to you; create with it what you it wants you to make
  • Don’t make garments that are too big – fitted clothing will fit better in the long run
  • Plain yarn can better showcase stitch detail than novelty yarn
  • Her yarn line, Debbie Bliss, was designed to be true to the knitter she was.  Plain, simple, classic.
  • She visits Italy twice a year to select yarn for her summer and fall lines
  • If she doesn’t like the “hot” color for the season, she’ll hold out and wait to see if it catches on before adding it to her yarn line
  • She prefers classic silhouettes so people can personalize them
  • Her publisher didn’t think her first book of baby knitting patterns would be profitable.  He was wrong
  • She worked as a nurse for two year before gradually building her knitting empire; It’s never too late, she encourage the audience, to pursue your dreams.

While I was the youngest member in attendance (nothing new to me, though, because of my 65-year old knitting group) I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  Her accept was lovable, her demeanor calming, and her knitting insight a true reflection of the knitting prowess she is.  And as an added bonus, everyone in attendance will get a new copy of her book… can’t wait!