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Fall Wreath from Yarn & Fake Flowers

fall wreath

After seeing this beautiful wreath on Pintrest (by Itz Fitz), I just KNEW I had to make one for my new apartment.  We live on one of the top floors of our building and every. door. is. the. same.  No color, no personality, just plain purple doors.

I haven’t crafted anything lately and my hands were-a’ itchin’.  It’s (almost) fall so what better way to welcome in the season that with a fall-themed wreath.

A (not-so-quick) trip to Pat Catan’s and I came home with the supplies for my wreath:

wreath materials


  • 12″ foam wreath form
  • Two little bunches of fake flowers – orange and yellow
  • One bunch of brown bally things
  • About 2 dozen Straight Pins
  • One skein of brown yarn (I used 100% wool Vickie Howell Yarn because it was kinda fuzzy and I liked the fuzz)
I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the process, but it’s pretty self explanatory.  Simple instructions follow.

Wreath How-to Directions 

1.  Pin the end of you yarn to your wreath then begin to wrap yarn over the tail to hide it. (Tip:  I found by making a small knot then sticking a pin through the knot made the yarn stay on the wreath better than just sticking a pin through a normal piece.)

2.  Continue winding around the wreath until your entire wreath is covered.  I found it easiest to wind the yarn around about 10 times then push the yarn down with my hands to keep it nice and tight.

3.  Once your wreath is covered, you can decide what you’d like to put on it.  I got fake flowers and pulled the green plastic stuff off them and just stuck them on with my straight pins.  I even added in some brown bally-things which I think look nice.  Again, just break apart and pin those babies down.

Continue adding things to the side of your wreath until it’s exactly what you want.
fall or autumn wreath close up
And there you have it!  Your very own autumn/ fall wreath.  I really enjoyed making this wreath.   I fulfilled my crafty need AND have a beautiful fall wreath for my apartment door.  I hope it brings some cheer to the people passing outside our door.  Win-win-win.
Fall Wreath on Door