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The Advent of “Craft Show Season”

Every year without fail, Craft Show Season arrives.  These few weeks in September and October are affectionately known as “CSS”.

“Want to go shopping this weekend?” my friends will ask innocently.

“No, sorry… it’s CSS.”  I respond.  They shrug knowingly, sometimes followed by a head nod or affirming pat on the back.

Anyone who’s not a crafter might glaze over the gravity of CSS and how it shapes your life.  I have an upcoming show this weekend, Harmony Grange Festival, and it will mark the opening of my 3-week CSS.  I’ve been prepping for months: crocheting hats to have a decent inventory, screwing dowel rods into bases to make hat stands, painting wooden letters to fashion a sign, saving $1 and $5 bills for months so I have change for big spenders.

You can’t underestimate the power of CSS; those unprepared will not survive.

Especially in college, CSS is an interesting time of year.  I have done two-day shows where I’ll get 3 hours of sleep because I chose to stay up and crochet more hats.  I have driven 50 minutes in the wrong direction before realizing it and arrived late to shows.  I have endured 35 degree weather with nothing but the shelter of a blue EZ-up tent to protect me from the ranging winds.  I have done homework in McDonald’s restaurants.  I have tried to sell warm crochet hats to people eating snow-cones in August.  It has rained, it has been warm.  I have worked 28 hours and driven 6 hours in one weekend.  During CSS, I’ve done it all.

That being said, I wouldn’t trade CSS for anything.

I love it.  Absolutely love it. The people, the selling, the relationships, the experiences.  Some people remember my booth from previous years and when I hear, “Ohhh – there’s the hat lady!”  it makes all those sleepless nights worth it. I’m like the dependable friend who shows up each year.

Three craft shows in Western Pennsylvania will culminate my 2010 CSS:

If you’re in the area, stop by and see my new booth setup or ever better, pick up your very own JJCrochet hand-crocheted hat!    And please, if I look tired, don’t tell me.

For those who can totally relate to CSS, here’re two good articles to make your CSS seamless:

All the Best and Happy Craft Show Season!