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The Newest Member of JJCrochet: Nikon L110

Confession: I purchased a Canon SLR EOS Rebel Camera with the intent of getting into photography and taking better pictures of my crochet hats.  Fail.  The camera was a tad too advanced for me and I always felt weird pulling in out at parties or events because then I was that girl.  The girl with the big camera who was trying to be all indie and artsy.

So I sold my Rebel on Craigslist and shopped around for an easier camera.  Enter the Nikon Coolpix L110.


  • Digital, not SLR (so easy to figure out – just point and click)
  • Small and convenient to tote around
  • 12.1 mega pixels
  • 15x zoom
  • Great Macro Pics
  • Decently priced

I was converted.

The camera is perfect for what I need it and I’m already finding it to be a refreshingly simple downgrade from my Canon.  Here are some pictures of flowers I took while experimenting with the macro setting… not too shabby for a camera under $250.