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Quarantine & Qrochet

Does that title work? Is it cute? Do you get it? Ha!

Maybe it’s because I’ve rarely left my condo (three times since March 15) or because the world’s standing still and we’re all going a little crazy over Tiger Kings and herd immunity. What is time! Nothing matters!

And yet, somehow, everything matters?

My days might look a lot like your days. I wake up, thankful I can work from home. Make a french press, make breakfast, do dishes from the night before.

Plop down on my pink velvet couch, fully knowing my back will hurt by lunch, and open my Mac for a day of digital marketing. I love my job and am grateful to work with an amazing team of humans who are creative, resilient and supportive.

Most days, I put on a shirt and curl the front half of my hair. Yes, just the front. I even put on makeup (though don’t use the good stuff, just that weird makeup that’s been in my bathroom for months and I’ve deemed ‘good enough for video calls’).

The morning sun breaks into my living room for a blinding half hour at 9:30. Some mornings, I scooch my plant over so it can enjoy the sun a little longer.

I haven’t been crocheting much and only knit once. Look – I made a hat!

Whatever your situation and your state – mental, physical, emotional or spiritual – I hope you’re finding peace and hope in these days.

Maybe you’ve decided to make knitting or crocheting your quarantine hobby. Welcome! You’re in good company. Here are some crochet and knitting blogs to browse:

I moved to Toronto 10 months ago and it’s been interesting watching events unfold from North of the border. The differences between Canada and the US have never been so stark and contrasting. First celcius, now this!

Cheers, friends, to another few weeks… another few months… or however long we’re here together. I’m grateful for your comments, your emails and your thoughts. <3


  • sandy

    April 16, 2020

    Good morning
    Canada is so wonderful-I was just in Quebec City from March 1-10. It was difficult to return to CA, USA, leaving family there.
    I love Canada-and would move there in a second if the rest of my family would agree. They are Californians forever I am afraid. I say-get a southern and northern house!
    Anyway-Canada has it right-except my niece has been ordered back to her teaching job in Quebec on Friday. She is concerned about that. Thank you for your blog and sharing patterns, knitting and sewing masks have been my saving grace. cheers

  • JJCrochet

    May 16, 2020

    It’s beautiful up here – glad you got to enjoy Quebec City! 🙂

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