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My Best Friend’s Engagement (JJCrochet Style)

While this appears be a personal blog post commemorating my friend’s engagement, it is related to crochet. You see, one of the benefits/ awful requirements of being my roommate is helping make ridiculous JJCrochet videos.  What better way to celebrate an engagement than with JJCrochet?

Rachael Genders is one of my good friends.  We met freshman year and have been friends ever since.  Despite our slightly awkward start (I called her “Ashley” for 3 weeks straight…), we’ve become kindred spirits.  Currently, I’m living with Rachael and 2 other girls in Room 416.

Not only have I been friends with Rachael, though, I’ve also known her now-fiance, Andrew, for a while.  He is a gem.

Rachael and Andrew started dating 3 1/2 years ago and got engaged last Friday, April 29th. We couldn’t be more thrilled!  They are a radiant couple that exude joy and happiness.

Here’s the thing: Getting engaged at our college is a big deal.


Andrew’s Friends Jumping Him after a Basketball Game

We celebrate engagement by “Creeking” the guy.  When two students get engaged, the guy’s friends jump him and  take him to the creek that runs through the middle of campus only to plunge him into the waters as a “right of passage.”  Loud cheers of “Wolffffff Creek, Woooolf Creeeek,” can be heard ringing throughout campus.

The best part about a Creeking is  to see if the guy will struggle.  Last week, Andrew was creeked by his friends.  Let me tell you, he was a fighter.

On the Bridge Down to the Creek.
Andrew Still Struggling to Break Free From the Mob on the 10 Minute Walk Down to the Creek.
The Happy Couple Post-Creeking! Rachael Receives a Wet Hug From Her Groom-to-Be.

And now, as promised:  The link of how Rachael’s and Andrew’s engagement is related to JJCrochet.  It’s magical, really it is.  Watch the video below to see how Andrew proposed!

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